InfiView 3.0

InfiView 3.0


Based on Bindows 4.7

InfiView 3.0 is based on Bindows 4.7, which includes support the latest versions of all the major browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 53, Safari 5.1, and Chrome 59

Nested Groups

InfiView 3.0 supports nested groups. If a group is collapsed, all its internal edges are hidden, and external edges are drawn to the group.

External Resources

We have added support for external resources defined in XML files. This is useful if (for example), you want several similar NodeTypes with, say, an icon and a label. Now you can define the template in XML and simply set the label text and icon URI for each instance.

Simplified Launcher Format

InfiView 3.0 has a new format for launchers: Add a link to the InfiView application.js script. InfiView automatically adds links to Bindows at a default relative URI. The launcher should also include the style sheets bimain.css and infiview.css.

If you have extracted Bindows to a different location than the default, or want to be able to switch between Bindows versions, you can set the BINDOWS_PATH variable to identify your Bindows installation: BINDOWS_PATH = "/path/to/bindows/html/"

New Event Actions

We have added two new event actions: EdgeMouseOver and EdgeMouseOut. These can be added to the markup just as you would e.g. NodeMouseOver. Sample:


New Layout Algorithm - Hierarchical Layout

We have added a new hierarchical graph layout algorithm.
See the sample in the test/layout folder.

Other changes

TreeLayout and BalloonLayout now expect an infiview.Graph in the first attribute to layout(). You cannot pass the root node directly, but need to wrap it in a Graph object. infiview.Graph accepts the root node in its constructor.

Use of the GoogleMapsViewport requires the Google Maps API to be loaded. See the maps samples FlightBrowserTest and NetworkTopologyMapTest for example usage, and the Google Maps API documentation for more information.

We removed the Alaska theme as it is not compatible with Bindows 4 and higher versions.

Known Bugs and Issues

If the visual representation of the nodes in the application is based on vector-graphics, the visual representation of a foldable group must also be based on vector-graphics.

Operations made directly on the Google Maps object will not be mirrored automatically in the InfiView viewport.

Maps: No projection algorithms are implemented in InfiView. Conversion between latitude and longitude needs to be implemented by the developer that uses this development kit, and are dependent on the map images used for different zoom level.

Printing of layered viewports is currently not supported.

Printing of viewport may differ depending on browser.

Limitations of schemas:

More Information

For more information, see the release notes.

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