InfiView™ - The Ajax Framework for Data Visualization

Present huge, complex and live data in a clear and graphical way, over the web.

- InfiView is a Software Development Platform.

- Connect InfiView with real-time data (of any size, even infinite), and present anything from social and geo-location to diagrams and maps, in a web browser.

- InfiView applications can be complete web applications or embedded controls.

Connect InfiView with real-time data, of any size, from any given datasource, and present it in a web browser:

- Social (Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc.)
- Maps and geolocation services
- Multi-user systems, e.g. Mindmapping, Dashboards, Rule engines, LDAP Tools, BPM Charts etc.

InfiView Demos

See more movies and screencasts at: movies & screencasts

InfiView 3.0 - Latest Version

Based on Bindows 4.7, supporting all major browsers, new layout algorithm and more; For more details see: InfiView 3.0

Pure Ajax - Zero Footprint

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InfiView is 100% built in Bindows, so you get pure Ajax technology. Everything runs in the browser, no downloads, no installations (no Java, Flash, plug-ins or ActiveX are used).
It also means the most powerful Ajax technology in the market, with the richest GUI and object-oriented development (and used by more than 500,000 business users).

Any Data Size (even infinite)

InfiView and its advanced dynamic memory technology, enables use of ANY data size (from very small all the way to infinite). For more information about this unique technology: InfiView Space.

All Major Browsers

InfiView 2.2 is based on Bindows 4.2 with its enhanced browsers support (including Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 22, Safari 5.1, and Chrome 27).
Write your application once and it will run in all major browsers.

Integrated Layers System

CLICK to run the Network Topology demo

With InfiView your applications can include multiple layers (for example, a layer of a map application, a layer of network topology, a layer of a live dashboard, etc.). You have full control of how transparent is each layer (and you can interactively change it).

All the layers can be tied together (so if you zoom or pan in one layer, it affects all layers).

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Layout algorithms

InfiView includes various layout algorithms.
The layouts are designed with flexibility and extensibility in mind, so that they can be used as building blocks for applications.

InfiView includes two different classes of layouts: for trees, and for general graphs.

Trees Layouts:

Tree Layout Wedge Tree Layout Balloon Tree Layout

General Graph Layouts

Single Circle Layout Hierarchical Tree Layout HV Tree Layout Click here for more details

Polygonal Edges

CLICK to run the Polygonal Edges demo

The polygonal edges enables creation of edges with any polygonal shape, color, gradient, arrows and more.

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Live Motion & Flow

CLICK to run the Live Motion demo

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Inside the demo, click the Start button, move the slider to change the speed.

InfiView supports live graphical presentation of movements and flow (technical term: moving edges).

You can use this to develop applications presenting actual process flow and live location and movement.

Several examples, a live metro/subway application, showing location and movement of all the train cars (or buses) in real time, or money flow in a corporation, and how much is currently available in every site, or, live supply chain application, etc.

As a programmer you have full control over the weight of the edges (lines or any polygon), their color, the speed and direction of the animation, you can tie it to real life events - and of course, the whole layout could be programatically generated and updated from database(s).

Grouping (groups created programmatically)

InfiView Groups

Now you can programmatically create groups. InfiView will automatically switch the display from groups to items depending on the zoom level.

InfiView supports nested groups. If a group is collapsed, all its internal edges are hidden, and external edges are drawn to the group.

This capability, coupled with the support for infinite data size, enable you to present infinite size data, in a clear, legible way, at any zoom level.

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Snap to grid

With the help of grids it is now easier to create certain types of graphs and diagrams. The grid automatically arranges nodes and is zoomable.


It is now possible to print the contents of the viewport.

Extensive Documentation

Schema support

A schema is a file that you can link to from your ADF to get certain benefits while developing InfiView and Bindows applications. Your code editor must support this feature for it to work. The InfiView and Bindows XML Schemas that ship with InfiView are used primarily for three things:

Open & Extendable Platform

InfiView is an open platform software - you define and select your tools, interface, style and logic. You do it by either modifying XML templates (provided) or by using the InfiView wizard.

InfiView integrated layering system enables placement of smart layer(s) over existing data, static or dynamic (for example: maps, flowcharts, schematic diagrams, LDAP and SNMP) thus creating powerful interactive applications.

InfiView is enterprise strength. It is fully object oriented and built for extension. It can be used to develop enterprise multi-layered, Ajax applications that are programmatically generated, graphical, interactive and dynamic, using ANY data size and any language. Several potential enterprise InfiView applications are:

Types of application you can develop with InfiView

Use With ANY Map

CLICK to run the Flight Browser demo

InfiView's open architecture and it's integrated layers system enables live use of dissimilar maps (for example, geographical, weather, traffic, political, etc.), or webmaps from multiple sources (for example Google, Microsoft, Yahoo) for any InfiView applications.

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The Bindows™ platform provides:

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Rich & Thin

With InfiView you do not need to choose between rich (interface) and thin (client). Your InfiView applications can be as graphically rich as any modern desktop application and extremely thin (and of course zero-footprint). InfiView applications are:


Your InfiView applications are agnostic to:

XML and Web Services

InfiView applications are defined by XML data and supports standard SOAP Web Services.

Complete windowing system, including:


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